The Logo Story

As the wife, daughter and granddaughter of cray fishermen, my favourite place to be is floating in a turquoise sea.

One night I had a random idea (one of those ones that comes to you at 1am) about incorporating the Conch Shell into my logo design… here’s the thought process…  As a kid do you remember holding a seashell up to your ear? It seems like no matter how far away from the ocean you are, you can still hold a seashell up to your ear and hear the roar of the waves rolling onto the shore. The best shells for producing this sound are the large, spiral conch shells.

The reason we hear the wave-like noise is the ambient sounds around you. The seashell that you are holding over your ear captures this noise (message), which resonates inside the shell (target audience). The size and shape of the shell therefore has an effect on the sound you hear (media or medium).

Different shells sound different because different shells accentuate different frequencies.

When noise enters the shell, it bounces around and creates the audible sound. The louder the environment you are in, the louder the wave-like sound will be.

I feel like this concept connects well with my core business deliverables of getting the right goods and services, to the right people, in the right places with the right promotions.

The conch shell symbolises amplifying one key message which breaks through the all the noise that surrounds consumers today.

The amazingly talented graphic artist Rachel Turner worked her magic to bring my vision to life in the form of the Amplify Marketing logo.

I’ll dedicate a different Blog post to developing your Brand Story another day…

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